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As we are in consultation to decide on joining the Oaktrees Academy, you may be interested to read more by visiting their website:

May 2022

 Greasby Junior Academy Consultation Report_FINAL_07.04.22.pdfDownload
 Appendix 1_Parents_Carers Letter_Greasby Junior Academy Consultation.pdfDownload
 Appendix 2_Staff Letter_Greasby Junior Academy Consultation.pdfDownload
 Appendix 3_Stakeholder and Staff_Academy Frequently Asked Questions_Greasby Junior Academy Consultation.pdfDownload
 Appendix 4_Feedback Form_Greasby Junior Academy Consultation.pdfDownload
 Appendix 5_Engagement Questions and Answers _Greasby Junior Academy Consultation_05.04.22.pdfDownload
 Appendix 6_Greasby Junior_Staff Academy Consultation Presentation_09.03.22.pdfDownload
 Appendix 7_Greasby Junior_Parents_Carers Academy Consultation Presentation_09.03.22.pdfDownload
 Appendix 8_Survey Results Table_Greasby Junior Academy Consultation.pdfDownload
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April 2022


Next step in consultation' letter below:

 Apr - Academy Conversion.pdfDownload
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March 2022

 Mar - Consultation Letter & FAQs (Parents & Carers).pdfDownload
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A meeting was held for parents/carers, on Wednesday 9th March 2022, to discuss the proposed Academy Conversion. Please click on the file below to view the questions posed and answers provided.


 Greasby Junior - Academy Consultation (Question and Answers - 24.03.22).pdfDownload
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