Year 5

Please click on the downloads below to view information about Year 5 including the 'Age Related Expectations'. This is a summary of what your child should be able to do in reading, writing and maths by the end of the year. Our curriculum will ensure that every child has the opportunity to learn these skills, but any additional support you can provide at home would be extremely beneficial to your child's development.

year-5---summer-term-curriculum-overview.pdf .pdf
Year 5 Summer curriculum letter 2023.pdf .pdf
year-5---summer-term---knowledge-organiser---electricity.pdf .pdf
y5-spring-curriculum-letter.pdf .pdf
yr-5-spring-greek-knowledge-organiser-2021.pdf .pdf
year-5-autumn-term-knowledge-organiser---earth-and-space.pdf .pdf
year-5-autumn-term-knowledge-organiser---forces.pdf .pdf
year-5---autumn-curriculum-letter-for-parents-2022.pdf .pdf
yr-5-spring-properties-of-materials-knowledge-organiser-2021.pdf .pdf
yr-5-spring-term-overview-2021.pdf .pdf

Robinwood Activity Centre

Robin Wood Presentation.pdf .pdf

Easter egg throwing!

Comic Relief Day

Jenny McLachlan, author of Land of Roar, wrote to the children.........

Year 5 pupils wrote letters back to her and her mum replied.......